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Mother In Law’s Kimchi

Enjoy the zing of classic Korean-style kimchi with Mother In Law’s Napa Cabbage recipe – it’ll give you a boost of probiotics to help support a healthy gut!

Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwiches

When you have a hankering for dessert, try out Nightingale’s Ice Cream Sandwiches. There’s a variety of ice cream and cookie flavors to choose from! If you just need a little treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, Nightingale’s Chomps will do the trick.

Jina’s Home Baked Goodies

Next time you visit, browse our shelves to see the current variety of homemade baked goods made by Jina! We think it’s always a good day to enjoy a homemade treat.

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The Old Dutch
Cupboard Story

The barn which is now known as the Old Dutch Cupboard has always been a part of the Alderfer Poultry farm across the turnpike bridge. It was an additional barn for the farm. This barn originally did have a house with it, but the turnpike separated our farm and thus the Old Dutch Cupboard is on the other side of the turnpike now!


The store started by carrying a variety of bulk foods, nuts, and candy along with eggs and milk. We try to source and carry local items when possible. 

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