Organic Eggs

Alderfer Organic Eggs are only fed 100% organic grains. The farm itself is located locally across the street in Telford, PA. These hens are never fed animal fats, hormones, or GMOs. They are given a protected space to roam and nest and have a natural and healthy environment. Alderfer Organic Hens also have access to natural sunlight and the outdoors. Alderfer Organic Eggs are both white and brown, paper and plastic, and in a variety of sizes — Medium, Large, X-Large, and Jumbo. (Sizes may vary in store).

Cage-Free Eggs

Alderfer Cage-Free Eggs come from small, family farms in Southeast and Central Pennsylvania. These hens are fed 100% vegetarian, natural diet and are never given any hormones. They are given protected space to roam, roost, and nest and are cared for in a natural and healthy environment. The majority of Alderfer Cage-Free farms are considered Certified Humane. Alderfer Cage-Free Eggs are both brown and white and available as Large.

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