Old Dutch Cupboard

The barn which is now known as the Old Dutch Cupboard has always been a part of the Alderfer Poultry farm across the turnpike bridge.  It was an additional barn for the farm.  This barn originally did have a house with it, but the turnpike separated our farm and thus the Old Dutch Cupboard is on the other side of the turnpike now!

Back in the 1980’s when the avian influenza struck many Lancaster county farms, we needed to move our retail sales from the farm.  The disease was being spread from place to place by feed truck tires and chicken servicemen traveling from farm to farm.  We decided to keep foot traffic from off the farm as well just to be safe.

The store started by carrying a variety of bulk foods, nuts, and candy along with eggs and milk. We try to source and carry local items when possible. Our milk comes from Perkasie and the Lancaster County area. Our local honey is from right here in the Telford/Harleysville area. And, of course, our eggs are from our farm right across the street as well as our partner farms in the Lancaster area. In recent years we have also been expanding our inventory to include a variety of gluten-free and GMO-free items.

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The Alderfer’s