The raw cow milk that we offer comes from a local herd that is made up of 100% grass-fed, heritage breed cows. The farm is located near Manheim and operated by the Kreider family. Here the cows are offered a pleasant environment, where their needs are met and they can graze contentedly. This helps to ensure that they produce quality milk, which is what we are striving to provide you.

A picture of the farm as you enter the driveway




Antibiotic free

100% Grass-fed

Approaching the barn down the driveway

Nathaniel in the bottling room. The day we visited they were bottling in plastic jugs.

Bottles and jugs are filled one at a time

Bottle caps are placed on by hand and then a machine seals them

The cows for the Swiss Villa raw milk are all Brown Swiss.

Nathaniel is aware of the health benefits of the A2 casein found in heritage breeds of cows like the Brown Swiss. While his herd already produces a majority of A2 milk he is working to improve the breeding in his herd over time so they yield even more A2 milk.

One final view of the farmhouse on our way out!