Honey Brook Sharp Cheddar

sharp cheddar []

Honey Brook Sharp Cheddar is aged one year, sharpening naturally with age. This cheese is also hand-waxed to maintain freshness and from September Cheese Farm.

Extra Sharp Cheddar 

extra sharp cheddar []

Extra Sharp Cheddar is aged for 3 years and hand-waxed. This cheese is yellow cheddar and from September Cheese Farm.

Robertson’s Select Cheddar

robertsons extra sharpRobertson’s Select Extra Sharp Cheddar is aged 2 years and also hand-waxed. It is from September Cheese Farm.

Chili Pepper Cheddar


This is our “hottest cheese.” Chili peppers and seeds add spice to our cheddar. Delicious on grilled burgers! This cheese is hand-waxed and also from September Cheese Farm.

Pepperoni Augusto Jack

pepperoni augusto jack []

Pepperoni Augusto Jack is one of our more popular Monterey jack cheese. Full of flavor with added pepperoni, garlic and oregano to make it taste like pizza. From September Cheese Farm.

Chives & Dill


chives and dill []

Chives and Dill cheese is September Cheese Farm’s award winning cheese. This cheese has the addition of chives and dill mixed into Monterey Jack cheese.

Garlic & Basil Jack

garlic and basil jack []

The Garlic and Basil Jack is the perfect compliment to every Italian dish and delicious with crackers. Family favorite. This cheese is from September Cheese Farm.

Honey Brook


honey jack []

Honey Brook Jack is a mild, Monterey jack cheese from September Cheese Farm.

Honey Brook Cheese Curds


Cheese curds are simply bite size pieces of fresh cheddar before aging. They are very popular in Wisconsin and Canada and have a squeaky, fresh and salty taste that is an all time favorite snack.  The cheese curds come from September Cheese Farm in three flavors: original, tomato basil, and roasted garlic.