Alderfer Organic Eggs are only fed 100% organic grains. The farm itself is located locally across the street in Telford, PA. These hens are never fed animal fats or hormones and GMOs. They are given a protected space to roam and nest and have a natural and healthy environment. Alderfer Organic Hens also have access to natural sunlight and access to the outdoors.

Alderfer Organic Eggs are both white and brown, paper and plastic, and in a variety of sizes — Medium, Large, X-Large, and Jumbo. (Sizes may vary in store)

Alderfer Cage-Free Eggs come from small, family farms in South-east and Central Pennsylvania. These hens are fed 100% vegetarian, natural diet and are never fed animal fats or hormones. They are given protected space to roam, roost, and nest and are cared for in a natural and healthy environment. The majority of Alderfer Cage-Free farms are considered Certified Humane.
Alderfer Cage-Free Eggs are both brown and white and available as Large.